How Orthopedic Physical Therapy Helps You Heal After A Broken Bone Or Joint Surgery

An injury that affects one of your bones or joints can interfere with your ability to do your normal activities. It might be due to pain or loss of range of motion. One way to restore normal function after an orthopedic injury is to undergo physical therapy treatments. Here's why these treatments are important. Physical Therapy Strengthens Muscles That Support Your Joints Due to the nature of an orthopedic injury, you could be immobile for a few weeks or longer, especially if you have surgery to repair the damage.

Failed Part Of A Field Sobriety Test When You Were Sober? You Should Get A Neurological Exam!

Anyone who has ever been drunk before knows the feeling of a spinning world. It may explain the constant circular or swaying movements people have when they are drunk, as if they are on a ship in troubled waters. Because of this imbalance issue that people have when drunk, many police agencies have adopted the Romberg test as part of the field sobriety test—because it essentially tests for dizziness.  The Romberg test is actually a neurological exam that is conducted by neurologists, neurosurgeons, physicians, and others in the medical field.

3 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Heart For A Healthy Life

No matter what your age is, heart health is something you should take very seriously. After all, your heart is responsible for many actions, from keeping your immune system in check to transporting oxygen. If you're looking to improve the health of your heart, take these measures as soon as possible.  Eat the Right Foods The foods you eat every day drastically affect the condition of your heart. That's why you need the right diet in place, even if you're already physically fit.

How Does Cancer Affect Your Diet? 3 Nutrition Tips For Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis may change the way that you eat. You may be aware that cancer care treatments, like chemotherapy, can affect your appetite. You may not realize that both the treatments and the cancer itself may change the way that your body processes and reacts to certain foods. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet with all of these changes to your appetite and your body's ability to process food, but good nutrition is important to your recovery.