How Orthopedic Physical Therapy Helps You Heal After A Broken Bone Or Joint Surgery

An injury that affects one of your bones or joints can interfere with your ability to do your normal activities. It might be due to pain or loss of range of motion. One way to restore normal function after an orthopedic injury is to undergo physical therapy treatments. Here's why these treatments are important.

Physical Therapy Strengthens Muscles That Support Your Joints

Due to the nature of an orthopedic injury, you could be immobile for a few weeks or longer, especially if you have surgery to repair the damage. The loss of activity leads to weakness of the muscles that support the joint and affected bones. Weak muscles put you at risk of further injury once you have healed enough to become mobile again. You can undergo physical therapy during your recovery so your muscles retain their strength. Strong muscles support joints and bones so they are held in the proper position for good body mechanics. Strong muscles also stabilize joints so they don't add strain to surrounding tissues such as ligaments and tendons.

Physical Therapy Treatments Restore Range Of Motion

Another problem you may experience after an orthopedic injury or surgery is stiffness and a loss of flexibility. This can happen due to the formation of scar tissue or muscle weakness due to pain. Strengthening exercises can help and your physical therapist may teach you stretches as well. Your joint may be stretched to its limits with increasing movement during each session. You may be asked to do stretches at home every day to increase your flexibility and range of motion. You might have treatments such as deep massage that breaks up scar tissue so your joint can move more freely.

Physical Therapy Can Improve Posture And Balance

If you broke a bone because of a fall, you might benefit from orthopedic physical therapy treatments that improve your balance and posture so your risk of falling is decreased in the future. Your balance can be thrown off if you have weak muscles on one side of your body or if you alter the way you stand and move due to pain. Physical therapy exercises and stretches can help restore your body's natural movement and your ability to maintain your balance when walking on uneven terrain or using the stairs.

Physical therapy is an important part of recovering from a broken bone or surgery on a bone or joint. It helps your injury heal normally so you'll be able to resume your usual activities without pain or limitation once you have healed.