The Upsides And Downsides Of A Concierge Medicine Plan

A concierge medical clinic is one which members can visit, at any time, and receive on-the-spot medical care. You usually pay a monthly membership plan to join, and the fee depends on your age and health status. Concierge medicine is often touted as an alternative to the typical system in which patients have to wait days or weeks to get insurance approval and see their doctor. It definitely has its advantages, but there are some downsides to also consider before you sign up.

The Upsides of Concierge Medicine

The key upside to becoming a member at a concierge medical clinic is that you get continual access to health care, every day of the week. You don't have to worry about working an appointment into your schedule or facing delays. If you need care, you go to the clinic, and they fit you in within a few minutes. They keep their membership levels low enough that they are always able to offer prompt care for their patients.

With a concierge medicine clinic, the fee structure is simple. You usually pay once a month for unlimited access. There are no copays, and you don't have to argue with an insurance company to receive coverage. 

Most concierge medical clinics offer a wide variety of services including primary care, wound care, bloodwork, preventative screening tests, respiratory treatments, and so forth. There are very few treatments you'd have to go outside the clinic to receive. Some concierge medical services even have a pharmacy on-site so you can pick up your meds right after your appointment.

The Downsides of Concierge Medicine

The downside to concierge medicine is that it is often more expensive than an insurance plan. And most people do still pay for a basic health insurance plan for hospitalization and surgery. If you are older or have a chronic health condition, concierge medicine will be even more costly.

Another downside is that most clinics are small and only have a few doctors on staff. This means you will want to meet with the doctors and make sure you like them before signing up at a certain clinic.

If you can afford to become a member at a concierge medical clinic where you like the doctors, it's definitely a wise choice to make. These clinics solve the problem of limited healthcare access and offer the primary services that most adults need. Visit a few in your area, and see what you think.

Reach out to a local concierge medicine service provider to learn more.