A Facial That Will Support Smoother, Healthier Skin

If your skin has taken on a sallow appearance, inadequate care techniques may have contributed to the unhealthy color tone. A diamond glow facial will support smoother, firmer skin. It will also prevent breakouts, oil accumulation, and other facial problems that you tend to deal with.

The Wand

A diamond glow facial is offered through some health care clinics. A team of aestheticians may perform facial services at a clinic.

A diamond glow facial involves the use of a wand. This type of wand supports the use of diamond tips. Each tip is encrusted with genuine diamond pieces. The diamond pieces exfoliate the skin during a diamond glow facial.

An aesthetician will assess the skin first. The skin texture and tone may influence which type of diamond tip will be used during a facial process. An aesthetician may use various tips to treat different parts of the face.

The use of a wand is non-invasive. A patient may experience a tugging feeling along the jawline, cheeks, and forehead. The tugging sensation will not be painful. The diamond glow facial process will remove the top layer of skin cells. The skin that rests underneath the top layer will be more supple than the dead layer that is removed.

The Suction Process

During a diamond glow facial, a suction process will be used to eliminate oil and other impurities that are on the face. The removal of the impurities may speed up the acne-healing process.

The elimination of oil and other substances that are known to clog pores could ward off future breakouts. Damage from the sun, hyperpigmentation, and inconsistencies in the texture of facial skin may begin to diminish after receiving a diamond glow facial.

The Moisturizing Process

An aesthetician will use a diamond wand to apply a moisturizing agent. The moisturizer will support healthy skin and will be applied toward the end of the facial process. Once the skin has been moisturized, an aesthetician will provide a client with facial care instructions.

An aesthetician will outline which types of facial products to use when cleansing the skin. The health care provider will also advise a client to set up a secondary facial appointment. Each diamond glow facial will provide skincare improvements for several weeks. Receiving diamond glow facials on a consistent basis will ward off many skin issues. A client will be able to enjoy smooth, supple facial skin during every season of the year.