Preparing For Your Hemorrhoid Surgery

If you have painful hemorrhoids, you're probably excited to have hemorrhoid surgery so you can finally enjoy relief from this condition. But while hemorrhoid surgery does ultimately offer relief, it does come with a recovery period during which you'll have some pain while your body heals. Preparing well before surgery can help ensure you're able to keep this pain under control and heal up as well as possible. Here are some key ways to prep for a hemorrhoidectomy surgical procedure.

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods the Week Before

At least a week before surgery, start to include more fiber-rich foods in your diet. Fruits and veggies are always good choices. Chia and flax seeds can easily be added to smoothies and oatmeal for a fiber boost. Your doctor may even advise you to take a fiber supplement, such as psyllium husks. This will bulk up your stools and get your bowels emptying more predictably. The benefits should carry over into the days after surgery so you don't have to strain so hard when defecating. As such, you won't be in as much pain when you defecate after surgery.

Take the Enema Your Doctor Prescribes

Your doctor will likely prescribe you an enema to take a few hours before your scheduled surgery. Make sure you take this according to the instructions on the package. If your doctor tells you to take two enemas a few hours apart, do that, too. The enemas are meant to clear out your colon. Not only does this prepare your rectum for surgery, but it helps ensure you don't need to defecate very soon after surgery, which keeps you comfortable.

Prepare for Sitz Baths

After hemorrhoid surgery, patients usually benefit from what's known as a sitz bath. It's basically a shallow bath of water and Epsom salts that you set on your toilet and soak your bottom in. The Epsom salts encourage your veins to constrict, and they also help prevent infection in the surgical sites. Make sure you pick up a sitz bath and plenty of Epsom salts before your surgery. Set them in the bathroom so they're ready when you need them. Use unscented Epsom salts to reduce the risk of irritation.

In addition to following the tips above, make sure you follow any specific instructions your doctor gives you prior to hemorrhoid surgery. With the right tools and prep, you can recover faster and enjoy relief from the pain.