All About Infusion Therapy

Doctors typically have a wide range of treatments available to them when someone becomes ill. One treatment that has shown good results is known as infusion therapy. Many people know very little about the procedure, however. The following article takes a closer look at this interesting and helpful medical treatment.

How it Works

Infusion therapy is the direct injection of medicine into a patient's vein. Its usually done through an IV line. The main reason for using infusion therapy is that the patient's condition is so serious that it would not be alleviated by taking oral medications.

The therapy can take place on variety of settings. For some patients, the severity of their condition might necessitate having the procedure done in a hospital. For many patients who are more stabilized, the infusion can be done in a health care clinic. In some instances, health care professional provide the service to patients in their homes.


Infusion treatment is offered for a range of medical conditions .One of the most common is dehydration, When you become dehydrated, your body is losing fluid faster than you can replace it by drinking water. Infusion therapy gives your body enough fluid to replace the amount that your body is losing.

Another common disease for which doctors use infusions is cancer. Many cancer patients need a treatment plan that is more aggressive than taking pills or oral medications. Infusion therapy let doctors inject large amounts of cancer fighting chemicals directly into the patient's body, which increases the chances for remission.

Infusions can also be helpful for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and ulcerative colitis, among numerous other diseases and conditions.


Many health care clinics around the country offer infusion treatment. When you go to a clinic for infusion therapy make sure that you ask the doctor or health care provider ask any questions you have about the procedure. Also, drink a lot of water so that you are sufficiently hydrated before the infusion begins. It is a good idea to wear loose fitting clothes, as well. This makes it easier for medical staff to monitor you while the therapy is in progress. Make certain that the clinic staff are aware of any medications you are taking and any allergies you have.

Clearly, infusion therapy is a very useful tool for healthcare professionals who need to administer large does of medications to their patients. For more information about this procedure, talk with a physician or healthcare provider, such as at Idaho Arthritis Center.