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3 Skin Rashes Your Child May Have

Rashes in childhood aren't uncommon, and they don't usually last long or cause any lasting damage. However, if they are accompanied by a fever, respiratory difficulties, or other signs of illness, be sure to consult your child's pediatrician. Here is a look at three common childhood skin issues.

Prickly Heat

Also called heat rash, or by its medical name, miliaria, prickly heat is common in infants and young children whose endocrine system is still working out its kinks. In very hot and humid weather, their little bodies perspire like all humans to help keep them cool. However, sometimes, the sweat ducts in their skin are obstructed, similar to a clogged pore. The chest, back, thighs, face, and neck are the most common sites for this rash, which will be elevated red spots that can give the child a prickly sensation, hence the common name. No treatment is required, but a cool bath followed by a light coat of calamine lotion and just a t-shirt and a diaper or underwear can make the child more comfortable. As their system develops, prickly heat will occur less often.


Eczema makes the skin become itchy, red, and often cracked. It can be mild and nothing more than annoying, or it can be severe and painful. Unfortunately, eczema is usually a long-term condition. Some children have atopic eczema, which is a type of eczema that the child outgrows as they grow into adulthood, but some will have eczema for life. It is common to have patches on the knees, elbows, face, and ears. Keeping it moisturized is usually sufficient treatment, but for more severe cases, steroid ointments may be used. Some pediatricians may also recommend antihistamines to reduce itching. They may also recommend seeing a dermatologist. Using products for sensitive skin may be best.


If you notice a round, red circle on your child's skin, your child may have contracted a fungal infection known as ringworm. It will look inflamed, and it may be itchy as well as have a painful burning sensation. The characteristic rings are usually found on the legs and arms, but it may appear anywhere on the body. There are usually only one or two rings rather than many, though if left untreated, the fungus can spread. It is also a highly contagious infection and will spread to others. It must be treated with an antifungal agent and bedding must be washed.

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